Why Nalpeiron Wants you to Read Books

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Why does Nalpeiron Software Analytics give away free books? Or, an educated customer is the best customer.


When CEO’s, VC’s, and product managers research where to source their software analytics company, they find on the Nalpeiron website the offer of one of two free books.  One is Consumption Economics: The New Rules of Tech by J.B.Woods, Todd Hewlin and Thomas Lah, and the other is Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll and Ben Yoskovitz. But why? Why does Nalpeiron want to send you to graduate school in economics and business management? Because frankly, that’s where you’ll be going when you try reading these books!


Starting with Lean Analytics, the book review in Forbes Magazine used the term a “recent masterpiece.” The writer, Reuven Cohen, whose job it is to be up on the latest technology trends for Forbes, continues: “The book starts with Alistair Croll’s trademark bluntness telling the reader “Let’s face it: you’re delusional. We’re all delusional—some more than others. Entrepreneurs are the most delusional of all.” They go on to say “Entrepreneurs are particularly good at lying to themselves. Lying may even be a prerequisite for succeeding as an entrepreneur—after all, you need to convince others that something is true in the absence of good, hard evidence. That’s where data comes in.””


Lean Analytics develops the concepts Eric Ries so successfully proposed in 2011 in The Lean Startup, but provides a metrics-based methodology to actually create a business model that can succeed.  The book includes the absolute latest, most up-to-date not only in the technology world, but in business management thinking as a whole.


The second book, Consumption Economics, looks at technology enterprise from an entirely different perspective.  The book is a contemporary version of a concept in economics going all the way back to influential economist John Maynard Keynes in the 1930’s.  Dr. Bo Di Muccio’s report on the book describes its work as “futurology.”  In other words, this book is less of a “a how-to for the information age up-start” (Reuven), as much as a guide for building a blue-print to either create change in an existing business, or to manage future changes in the economy. 


The writers identify three factors that have created massive change in the way technology business is conducted in the last several years:


      1.  The global economy tanked.

      2.  Cloud computing got hot.

  1.   The iPhone came out.


These factors mean that the way business has been done over the past 40 years will change dramatically in the next 10 years.  The switch to cloud computing has already happened. Businesses that launch today are ahead of the game because they have no need to make a switch: they are already cloud-based.  But for businesses that have been in operation for 40 years plus, major change has already happened, is happening now, or will be forced to happen.  Consumption Economics guides businesses through what these changes are and will be, and what the strategies must be to navigate them.


Consumption Economics is a book produced by the Technical Services Industry Association (tsia.com), a membership organization - themselves highly data/metrics-based - that aims to keep businesses at the cutting edge of trends in the industry.  By producing research and books for the $800-billion technology services industry, their goal is to gather the most current data, and use it to keep the field informed. 


So back to the question as to why Nalpeiron wants you to read these books?  Because as Sy Syms said: “An educated customer is the best customer.”  Nalpeiron Software Analytics is confident that this is the case.  Nalpeiron’s customers are technical service and technical enterprise businesses interested in success for their customers and for their businesses.  In order to achieve this success, Nalpeiron’s customers need not only the latest technology as provided by Nalpeiron Software Analytics, they also need the latest information about how to best use the analytics, metrics, and other data they will collect. 


Nalpeiron is creating a circle of success with its customers, that, in turn, will create further circles of success with their customers, and this is the true ideal of professional services.


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