Finding Film Investors: Dos and Don’ts for First Timers

CinesourceMagazine.com, May 25, 2018 http://cinesourcemag ... xLRwtUvxaE

Definitions and some basic principles for approaching investors for your next film.

Christian Films Arising!

Cinesource Magazine, August 14, 2018 http://cinesourcemag ... lCn-RNKg1g

The business of filmmaking: faith-based films

Miami Festival Scores Big

CinesourceMagazine.com, April 25, 2018 http://cinesourcemag ... xLWT9UvxaE

The Miami International Film Festival has some great prizes for creators, and is of particular interest to Latino filmmakers.

Make Films for Under 100K That Sell!

CinesourceMagazine.com, Jan 06, 2018 http://cinesourcemag ... xLdH9UvxaE

Make your first film for an amount of money you can raise yourself.

The Real Digital Filmmaking

CinesourceMagazine.com, Dec 17, 2017 http://cinesourcemag ... xLai9UvxaE

A new software designed to help filmmakers better communicate their productions is called Production Next

American Black Film Festival: THE Black Cinema Event

CinesourceMagazine.com, Sept 9, 2017 http://cinesourcemag ... xLvM9UvxaE

ABFF is dedicated to nurturing black film talent

New Film from the Iranian Master

CinesourceMagazine.com, Jan 24, 2017 http://cinesourcemag ... xLnNNUvxaE

Asghar Farhadi's latest masterpiece

Show Me the Money: Producer Jamin O’Brien

CinesourceMagazine.com, April 24, 2014 http://cinesourcemag ... xLZgtUvxaE

New York Producer, Jamin O'Brien, talks about financing $5 - $8 Million Films

So you want to make a movie? Caribbean Style

www.cinesourcemagazine.com, 10/30/2013 http://cinesourcemagazine.com

Interview with Bruce Paddington, Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, documentary filmmaker and film professor.

Caribbean Cinema Comes of Age

www.cinesourcemagazine.com, 10/30/2013 http://cinesourcemagazine.com

Reviews of some of the films at the 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival including: Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution; Redemption Songs; I am a Director and more.

Caribe comes to SF

www.cinesourcemagazine.com, 10/30/2013 http://cinesourcemagazine.com

Interview with Luke Paddington, Senior Producer, CiscoTV and documentary filmmaker.

Urban Youth Eyes State of the Nation

Cine Source Magazine, 2.1.2014 http://cinesourcemag ... wqDx_RdXOU

A film festival in Oakland surveys digital storytelling by young men and boys of color.


Arab Fest Does Well

Cine Source: The Film, Video and Moving Image Magazine of Northern California, December 4, 2012 http://cinesourcemag ... lourishes/

An outsider's perspective on San Francisco's Arab Film Festival, including three film reviews


Crowdfunding: The New Big Fundraising Trend?

The Bridge (online), August 2011 http://No longer available online

Crowdfunding has become an extremely popular online fundraising tool, but the way to make it really work involves some very oldfashioned fundraising techniques.


Technology Blog

Don’t Just Trust…Verify The Merits of the MVP

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, February 2014 http://blog.nalpeiro ... f-the-mvp/

Testing your Minimum Viable Feature without breaking the back.


From Intuition to Data: Or "it's the boring stuff that matters the most," Eric Ries

www.nalpeiron.com, October 2013 http://blog.nalpeiro ... ic-ries-2/

The Airbnb photography case study from the book, "Lean Analytics," show how to use the concept of Minimum Viable Product to test a hypothesis or an entrepreneurial hunch.


Stop Lying to Yourself

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Technology Blog, November 2013 http://blog.nalpeiro ... -yourself/

Entrepreneurs thrive on having winning hunches. But without solid data, those big ideas will just turn into big flops.


Lessons from Apple's Genius Bar

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, August 2013 http://blog.nalpeiron.com/

One of the main uses of the Genius Bar from Apple's perspective is market research. How can your company conduct similar research?


Stickiness, Virality and 21 Days of Meditation

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, November 2013 http://blog.nalpeiro ... editation/

The first two stages of The Lean Startup - Stickiness and Virality.


Why your bells and whistles don't sell

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, September 2013 http://blog.nalpeiro ... 13/10/305/

Products that push too much change on to customers risk losing them to simpler software that helps them get their jobs done more easily and efficiently.


Vanity Metrics

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, October 2013 http://Nalpeiron.com

Many businesses spend considerable amounts of time and energy measuring metrics that are not going to contribute towards company success.


The Wrong Big Data

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, August 2013 http://blog.nalpeiron.com/

Technology companies now have the capacity to amass huge quantities of data from their customers, but what is the purpose of all this information?


Micro(up)selling-the data advantage

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, September 2013 http://Nalperion.com

By making small sales to many customers and then making careful analysis of their application usage, businesses can better predict customers' needs.


Predicting Customers' Behavior

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, September 2013 http://Nalpeiron.com

By asking customers what they want and how they use software, businesses run the risk of missing some of the ACTUAL data that software analytics can show of what they really want and their real application usage.


Why Nalpeiron Wants you to Read Books

Nalpeiron Technology Blog, September 2013 http://blog.nalpeiron.com/

Nalpeiron Software Analytics gives away one of two free books to its potential customers in order to create a better-educated consumer.


The best and only sane way to create your next product road map

Nalpeiron.com Blog, July 2013 http://Nalpeiron.com

How cloud computing has ended the need for businesses to make major upfront capital investments in IT and how that affects technology service companies.


Good Metrics

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, November 2013 http://blog.nalpeiro ... d-metrics/

Defining what constitutes a good metric for your business.


Change Begins Within

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, November 2013 http://blog.nalpeiro ... urial-way/

Using data to create change: for those working inside a company as opposed to running it.


The Consumption Gap

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, January 2014 http://blog.nalpeiro ... ption-gap/

Defining the Consumption Gap


The Consumption Gap - Solutions

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, January 2014 http://blog.nalpeiro ... solutions/

Making products and features more available to more customers.


Customer Retention = Customer Success = Customer Retention Plan

Nalpeiron Software Analytics Blog, January 2014 http://www.nalpeiron.com

Customer Retention = Customer Success = Customer Retention Plan



Media Shout - Case Study

Nalpeiron Software Licensing Blog, 09/2013 http://www.nalpeiron ... udies.html

Like many start ups that develop their own software, Media Shout also created their own security code. Once the company began to scale, however, they quickly realized it was time to bring in the professionals.


Webmarketing123 Re-Joins Inc. 500/5000 List With Sales Growth of 445%

Webmarketing123 Press Release, August 21, 2013 http://www.webmarketing123.com

For the 2nd year running, Bay Area digital marketing company makes the Inc. 500/5000 list.


Press Release for one person business launch


A single mom opens a new surfer clothing business in San Francisco.